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Visitor Centre is now on Summer opening times - 7 days a week 10:30am - 5pm.

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Tide Times for
Friday 18th
April 2014

High:4.85 m at 04:59
Low:0.63 m at 10:18
High:4.79 m at 17:24
Low:0.76 m at 22:36

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Welcome to the Wildlife of Montrose Basin

General information

Montrose, on the North East coast of Scotland, is notable for its tidal basin. There is a variety of different zones on the Montrose Basin Local Nature Reserve ranging from the mud, fresh water, sea water, brackish water, saltmarsh, reedbed, unimproved grassland and arable land. The Reserve is particularly noted for the birds that breed, feed and roost there, but it is also notable for its plant life (both in and out of the water). Being a Local Nature Reserve, it is also important for the leisure activities it supports that co-exist with the wildlife - birdwatching, sailing, fishing, wildfowling and bait digging.

Visitor Centre

With first class facilities in the Visitor Centre and year-round interest, the Basin is worth a visit any time of the year.